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Today, rapidly rising, genre-disrupting, singer, songwriter, and producer A.CHAL released the music video for his new single “Nobody Like Me.”

“Nobody Like Me,” released last week, was produced by Connect & Subelo Neo — known for working with Bad Bunny. The track is a fresh sound that mixes R&B, alternative, and reggaetón with English lyrics and some Spanish phrases that talk about losing a love and how that person’s never going to find “nobody like me.”

The music video was directed by A.CHAL himself together with Chuck Owens and produced by GAZI WORLD. It was shot in New York City at 10th Avenue NY, a club in Dyckman Street, in the neighborhood of Inwood, Manhattan.

“I had a totally different video planned for ‘Nobody Like Me,’” said A.CHAL. “I was visiting New York during the pandemic and was supposed to fly back to LA to shoot this whole other idea. Being in NYC, I had fallen back in love with the city and stayed longer. I was tapping back in with the community I knew out there and I got inspired all over again.

The day I missed my flight I met with my boy and director Chuck Owens just to grab a coffee but told him I had this urge to shoot something in the city, just didn't know what. Later that night, Jo Vanguard invited me to this private party in Yonkers and I went with Nour (model from video). I don't know if it was hookah but that night I saw the whole video in my head. I folded up a piece of paper and drew out the whole story/shot list, met with Chuck, showed him the treatment and what other videos inspired me.

By the next day, we're already calling everyone we know trying to produce this idea and shooting it two weeks later. This video was done with people I consider family. It's what we call in Spanish ‘Una Obra de Amor.’

I wanna thank Miguel Plaza for letting me shoot at his club 10th Avenue NY in Dyckman and Jo Vanguard for plugging me in. NATTY & Sammi who I've known forever to come through with the styling. Nour & Mike Troll, real close friends of mine who brought the characters to life to give the video that feeling it really needed. This was a new process, we usually have a label sorting everything out, and being this hands-on can be challenging, but I love it and I am excited to direct more videos to tell stories I wanna tell. Stay tuned.”

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