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“The up-and-coming girl group Bella Dose is here not just to inject a new sense of ardent ‘girl power’ into the music industry, but also to pave the way as rising Latin, bilingual pop stars.” -

Today, the world’s first bilingual, Latin, all-girl group BELLA DOSE released their first EP Suelta. STREAM SUELTA HERE

Suelta came weeks after the title track of the same name (“Suelta”) was released to critical acclaim, and is a great representation of the versatility of BELLA DOSE, who tackled different genres and sounds to highlight their musical and vocal talent.

“On this EP, we wanted to show how versatile we are. There are so many genres and styles of music such as reggaeton, urban, bachata, and even a ballad. We just love to go with the flow when writing and see what we come up with creatively. With this EP in particular, we wanted a dose of everything and we wanted to show how we don’t have to stick to one genre. We can do anything we want! It feels amazing to finally be able to put this EP out after over a year of working on it. It was a tedious process but it was so beautiful to see it flourish and become the diverse and unique EP that our supporters will be able to listen to. Hopefully, they love it as much as we do!” BELLA DOSE said.

The track list is comprised of 8 songs: “Suelta,” a sultry reggaetón with female empowerment lyrics; “Si Me Llamas,” a trappy bachata that talks about drawing the line and cutting off your ex; “Boom Boom,” a modern popetón to embrace your self-worth; “Pal Laíto,” a Latin urban track about a night out dancing; “Luna,” a beautiful bachata about a forbidden love; “Una Niña,” a heartbreaking ballad about a life-changing situation; “Muévelo,” feat. Brandon Bill$, a fun tropical Hip-Hop about enjoying yourself; and “Lárgate,” a fast-paced dembow that will blow your mind.

Together with the EP, BELLA DOSE is releasing their next single and music video, “Luna,” is a soulful bachata using the metaphor of the sun and the moon to compare to a forbidden love. Directed by Victor Rangel x Spinelly, the music video showcases the beauty of the Dominican Republic while following the story of a young love that gets separated when one of them goes to study abroad, and their fateful reunion many years later that comes accompanied by some disillusion.

BELLA DOSE is ready to take on the world with their charisma, versatility, chemistry, and passion for the art of music. Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany gained much traction from their masterful covers of the most popular songs, especially their most viewed rendition of Nicky Jam and Ozuna’s “Te Robaré” (almost 5 million views on YouTube). They have been working diligently and building their own original music repertoire of English and Spanish songs that they write themselves.

Besides writing, all members sing, dance, and engineer their own sessions. Originating in Miami, Florida, the girls come from diverse Latin backgrounds with heritages from Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Chile, and they keep true to their roots through their catchy hooks and hypnotically danceable beats.

With a growing fanbase of over 1.2 Million followers on TikTok and 79K followers on Instagram, BELLA DOSE has a promising future. Their unique position in the market, their versatility, style, work ethic, and true talent, have made the girls become a real threat and ones to watch in 2021.

For more information, please reach out to Vicky Curiel at or visit


TikTok: @belladose 1.2M (Over 18M likes!) Verified.

Instagram: @belladose 79K Verified.



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