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After 12 years of being online-only, the most important publication in the Latin urban genre, Richie In The House, relaunches as a print magazine with acclaimed reggaetón superstar Nio García as the cover star.

This issue will feature a poster, and will be printed in full color, so that lovers of Latin urban music will once again have a written, printed, original, and collectible publication, as it was since its beginnings.

Richie In The House is the most prominent magazine in the Latin urban genre because it’s been documenting the evolution of the genre since its beginnings. The magazine is known for highlighting trends, interviewing artists from up-and-coming to established acts in reggaetón and Latin hip hop, and has become the go-to publication for anyone who’s part of the movement or just passionate about it.

In 2009, the magazine pivoted to online-only, adapting to the demands of the times and the imminent digital revolution, while it continued to provide the same quality content it was known for. Now, 12 years later, founder and CEO Ricardo Villanueva Cruz noticed that more than ever, the culture needed representation.

“We decided to relaunch the magazine because we noticed the lack of representation of an outlet that’s 100% dedicated to our culture like this was at the beginning of the genre, when nobody believed in reggaetón and Latin hip hop. I’m very happy to relaunch Richie In The House as a print magazine. I’m always going to take pride in representing the genre which I belong to and in which I’ve worked since the beginning,” Ricardo Villanueva Cruz said.

Richie In The House will be a monthly print publication that you can find for $10 at, as well as some favorite digital covers that have been printed in very limited quantities. The magazine will continue publishing online as well, unveiling a few digital covers every month that you can access at

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