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Today, fearless, iconoclastic, sex-positive rapper and Latin urban star Tokischa released her new song “Mala” featuring sensation Nino Freestyle.

Mala” is a song that steps away from the dembow we’re used to hearing from Tokischa, and tones it down to a mellow Hip Hop that showcases her versatility and vulnerability. The track talks about a woman recognizing that she is sexually free and empowered, yet she wants a partner who won’t use her for sex and will actually commit to a relationship.

“I’m a baddie but I want to fall in love with a guy who will want me for more than sex,” Tokischa sings in Spanish in the chorus, giving way to Nino Freestyle’s part, which reassures her that he’s the guy that she’s looking for, and he’s ready to give it his all to make her a happy woman.

Nino Freestyle then digs deeper into the promises he makes to Tokischa in the song, rapping in Spanish, “A lot of men want you for sex, others want to send you roses // I’m crazy and all, but I want you for both.”

Mala” comes after the success Tokischa had with her latest single “Tukuntaso” featuring Haraca Kiko and El Cherry Scom, which garnered a whopping 11 million views on YouTube in two months. That song followed the controversial chart-toppers “Desacato Escolar” and “El Rey de la Popola,” songs that gave her a lot of visibility for her unapologetic way of celebrating women’s sexual pleasure and her peculiar sense of lyricism, style, and attitude.


Tokischa is a new musical artist from the Dominican Republic who showed up to continue reconstructing the perceptions and norms about women in life expressing her thoughts and feelings without restrictions in her lyrics.

She follows a raw and real trap line that few would dare to follow, where the fear of showing society everything she does, likes, or is, does not exist. She thus promotes a lifestyle without hypocrisy, without gender stereotypes, and anti-norms.

Tokischa's tone of voice is the differential mark from the rest of her peers, using sensual and sweet nuances while having the ability to change to the rough sound and that is what captures you from the beginning of her songs.

Something that makes Tokischa very controversial are her social networks where she uses her platforms to express her way of being, her tastes, and her sensuality, connecting with her followers while generating different opinions that create controversies because they steer away from societal norms.

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