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Today, Victoria La Mala, Chris Perez, Joe Ojeda and Yorch joined their talents to bring us “Nuestra Tierra,” a corrido that promises to be an anthem for all immigrants who strive to have a better life for them and their families, and continue to work hard despite all the curveballs life throws their way.

Nuestra Tierra” talks about the struggle a lot of immigrants in general go through in order to live their life with dignity and respect. Everything that I have, I have earned // My job has cost me but oh how i’ve worked hard for the American dream // I am the Mexican dream, even if I am on the other side I represent my people, Victoria La Mala sings, as you hear the yearning and desperation of her people through her voice.

Victoria La Mala had been working with Chris Perez and Joe Ojeda, as well as singer Yorch and producer Robert “Bobbo” Gómez in an exciting new project coming soon, when, on their downtime, they decided to try something “on the fly.” Chris, Joe, and Bobbo made their musical magic with the arrangements, while Victoria and Yorch worked on the lyrics, resulting in a powerful statement in support of their immigrant brothers and sisters. They recorded it at Produce Sound Studios, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

This is the first time Chris Perez and Joe Ojeda release music together outside Los Dinos and subsequently the Chris Perez Band, mixing their cumbia and rock influences with Victoria La Mala’s style, creating a beautiful corrido that will cling to your heart thanks to Chris’s soulful guitar riffs and Joe’s enchanting mastery of the keyboard.

“I love this song because it truly reflects the times that we’re living in as immigrants in this country. Victoria La Mala said. We come here looking for a better life but we sacrifice and leave so much behind. It was so incredible to have the opportunity to work with people that I’ve admired and looked up to for years like Chris and Joe. Yorch is also super talented and like me and so many people, moved to this country looking to follow our dreams and search for more opportunities. The way it all came together with all our ideas and the producer Bobbo at the helm was truly magical.”

“Bobbo, Joe and myself came up with the chord structure, the arrangement basically,” Chris Perez said. “Jorge Eduardo and Victoria were doing their thing, scribbling away like crazy on their notepads. I wasn’t quite sure what they were coming up with but the second I heard them singing their part, well It was like magic. And to be a part of something like that is a rarity these days. So, I am truly proud of the song and the part everyone played in the process. I hope that everyone loves it as much as we do, and I hope to hear it on the airwaves soon.”

“The song's power and message moved us all,” Joe Ojeda said. “It was just an outstanding experience. This song really focuses on us, los Mexicanos, los Paisanos, especially ‘La Raza’ that is still living ‘on the other side’ and simply wanting a better life for their families. And isn’t that what we all want? My hope for this song is that it resonates with a lot of people and that everyone understands its message.”

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